Prepare For Summer With These Outdoor Lighting Tips


Want to improve your yard? One of the easiest ways to make it more beautiful is to add outdoor lighting. These multi-functional decorations can both help brighten your property and let you use it round-the-clock and make it even more beautiful by adding some soft, highlighting illumination.

What types of lighting are best for outdoor spaces?

While outdoor lighting used to involve substantial work, including running bulky and often-ugly electrical runs, today’s homeowners have a number of new technologies that can safely and permanently run electricity without breaking their bank or compromising on beauty.

Here are a few of the great options available to homeowners today:

LED Lighting

LED lights come in many different forms, including spotlights, rope lights, or individual bulbs, meaning you can apply them almost anywhere. Looking to illuminate your deck? Run a few strands of LED bulbs across the top for a mood-setting glow. Want to highlight the beauty of your garden? Install a few lights around your prized plants. The possibilities for installing LED lights are endless.

LED lights are more affordable than ever before and come in a massive range of styles and colors, making them easily utilized for nearly any purpose. They are so small that they use very little electricity while still offering a considerable amount of light.

Modern Pool Lighting

Pools have had lights for many years, but a modern pool light offers extra options that were never available before. Turn the water in your pool or hot tub a fun color, or cycle through different colors quickly with color-changing bulbs.

Modern pool lights need far less electricity to run and can offer even brighter solutions than ever before. Plus, a pool light can help you stay safe at night by making sure you see the water at all times.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights can offer a lovely dressing for your existing paths as well as help you avoid any potential trip hazards. If kids leave toys out on the path, you can avoid these obstacles with a few simple pathway lights. Some models of pathway lights are even solar-powered, gathering sunlight during the day to power themselves and then turning on at night with a subtle glow.

Security Lights

Security lights can help shine light in pivotal spots of your home during dark hours, such as near front-facing windows or your front door. Many of these lights are motion-activated and require very little work to install but can flood an area with bright light to help you spot and keep away potential intruders. Other types of security lights stay on all night long and offer you the peace of mind of knowing your home is not shrouded in darkness that encourages illegal activity.

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