Types of Energy Efficient Lighting


Every year, the average American household uses 5% of its electricity consumption on lights. Whether a kitchen light, bathroom light, bedroom light, or a small bulb in the attic, we rely on these lights for safety, security, and convenience. But did you know you can potentially save a good chunk of this electricity, and simultaneously save money?

Today, homeowners have affordable energy-efficient lighting options than ever before! While these options used to be dismissed as being dim or fragile, today’s energy-efficient options are substantially more durable and light your home with the same or more light than their incandescent predecessors. Here are some commonly available energy-efficient lighting options.

Halogen Incandescent

Halogen incandescent bulbs are a technology that has been around for quite some time, but has grown in popularity in recent years. These bulbs operate by running electricity through a resistor filament, but do so in a chamber filled with gas to improve its efficiency. These require less electricity than a traditional lightbulb, but are not the most efficient option available today, and as such, are fading in popularity.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are almost identical to the long, tube-like fluorescent lightbulbs, just bent and curled into a small form factor designed for an average light socket. The Department of Energy estimates that these bulbs pay for themselves in a matter of just nine months’ time, while ENERGY-STAR certified bulbs use about a quarter of the energy of a traditional bulb that puts out the same amount of light, all while lasting about ten times longer.

Light Emitting Diodes

What was once reserved exclusively for traffic lights and indicators has now evolved into one of the most rapidly-growing products on the market. Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly called LEDs, are a type of solid-state lighting that use semiconductors to turn electricity into light. They’re incredibly efficient, using about 20-25% of the electricity of an incandescent bulb, and can last up to 25 times longer as well! These come in a massive range of shapes, colors, and brightnesses, allowing them to be used in virtually any capacity.

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