Types of Landscape Lighting


Your landscaping is the first thing people see when they come to your home or business. A dark and poorly lit property is not only unappealing, but it is also dangerous. Criminal activity is a serious risk when there is inadequate lighting, and your guests are also at risk for tripping and falling. By installing landscape lighting products, you can enjoy a stunning end result and increase the safety and value of your property.

The Most Common Types of Landscape Lighting Include:

  1. Flood Lights

Flood lights produce a wide beam, generally 40 degrees or more, and are very bright. The side glare is minimized with a collar. These lights are often used to illuminate tall trees, wide house facades, and other architecture. They are also commonly used as security lights.

  1. Path Lights

Path lights are some of the most common landscape lighting products available. They are used to provide illumination to pathways and walkways around a property. These lights are small posts with a light installed that is capped with a diffuser. They provide soft lighting to help guests see around walkways and steps.

  1. Step and Deck Lights

Step and deck lights are often used to accentuate architectural details. They provide added safety for guests by illuminating steps and walkways around a property. They can be installed directly into hardscaping or decking. These lights can also be used to provide lighting for entertainment spaces, and can illuminate dark stairs, steps, stone walls, and decks.

  1. Well Lights

Well lights are often used to illuminate trees, art, walls, and the underside of plant foliage or the base of a façade. They are installed in a waterproof housing that is recessed into the ground. Because they are buried, they create a seamless lighting solution for landscaping and hardscaping. The fixture is hidden, and they can be installed with fixed or swiveling bulbs.

  1. Wash Lights

Wash lights provide soft illumination that is ideal for garden walls, privacy fences, and flat home facades. They use a diffused light, and are easy to install. With their soft illumination, they provide a beautiful aesthetic touch to any property.

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