What You Need to Know About Electrical Service Panels & Breakers


While all homes have at least one electrical service panel, some homes have multiple subpanels for areas that use a lot of energy, such as new additions or upgraded kitchens. Electrical service panels distribute electricity from the utility company to specific appliances throughout your home. Problems, such as tripped breakers or blown fuses, can create dangerous conditions. Our team has the experience to repair and replace service panels, breakers, and wiring in a safe and efficient manner.

What Is an Electrical Service Panel?

An electrical service panel is a metal or plastic box that is attached against a wall in your home. Inside the box, there are a variety of hot and neutral bus bars, which conduct electricity while safely dispersing heat, as well as a variety of circuit breakers, fuses, and overcurrent devices.

Power is sent through a meter at the service entrance of your home to the service panel. From there, the power is distributed to the various circuit breakers, which transfer the electricity to various appliances and lights in your home. In some cases, a single circuit is required for specific appliances, such as those that have a motor (like washing machines and microwave ovens) or those that have a heating coil (like electric ranges or blow dryers).

What Is a Circuit Breaker?

Each service panel has a main service breaker. This is bigger than the branch circuit breakers, and distributes power from the utility company to the smaller circuit breakers. Since it regulates the power for the entire service panel, you can shut it off in an emergency to stop power for all circuit breakers. However, the power supply from the utility company will continue until you call your utility company and have them shut it off on their end. This means the service lines and terminals inside your service panel will remain live, even after you have shut off the main circuit breaker.

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