3 Instagram Worthy Outdoor Lighting Designs

String lights

It’s getting warmer with every passing day, and with spring right around the corner, more and more people will be spending time outdoors. If you own a home with a patio, balcony, or deck, you may feel inclined to host some of your loved ones for a socially distanced soiree. But is your exterior lighting up to the task?

Check out these gorgeous lighting designs sure to brighten your day (and night)!

Safety Lighting

Exterior lights serve many purposes, but the most important is the added security they provide. Homes with motion-sense lights are less likely to be burglarized, and lighting the paths around your home can make it safer for visitors to enter and leave safely.

Backyard Kitchen Lighting

Photo from Kichler Lighting

Hardscape lighting helps illuminate the planned features of your home, such as retaining walls, dividers, etc. Lighting the underside of this ledge not only shows off the architecture but casts indirect light around a gathering area.

Aesthetic Lighting

Lighting designed with function and beauty in mind--these designs help bring your home’s feel into your yard!

Bohemian Escape

Backyard Lighting

This charming setup uses different lighting to achieve a vagabond feel--it looks thrown together with what was lying around, but in reality, this design was meticulously planned. You can achieve this look yourself with hanging paper lanterns, wicker light shades, string lights, and faux candles.

Path Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Photo from Kichler Lighting

Path lighting is essential for yards with curved or custom-designed walkways. In the example above, the design features staggered lighting--this gives off a more whimsical feel. Don’t put path lights directly across from one another--symmetrical lighting gives off the feel of an airport instead of a home.

Whether you want to increase visibility around your property or your dream of creating a sanctuary at home, the lighting experts at Lightning Bug Electric can help make your vision a reality! Contact our team for more information: (404) 471-3847