Five Things a Business Must Do Before Opening for Business

The facility that houses a business is one of the single most important factors that will influence a business’s success or failure. A successful business is one that has the tools it needs to succeed while a business that is simply making do won’t be able to grow or expand while it scrambles to keep up. Every business is unique and thus every business needs a facility that is customized to what that business needs, particularly when it comes to utility connections. Electrical power allows us to do just about everything from production to management and oversight, so it’s crucial to make sure that your business has the electrical infrastructure that can power everything from its most basic to its most vital functions.

Whether you’re just starting out in your first location or you’re expanding to a newer and better location, here are five things that you must do before opening your doors for business, meaning you should leave them in the hands of a skilled and capable local electrician.

Run Data Cables

The overwhelming majority of business is done on the internet, and the combination of networking and artificial intelligence has enabled computers to do so many things that would have normally required an extensive amount of additional labor. The majority of networking takes place on an extensive array of networking and data cables that run throughout your facility. Most of these cables will terminate in a control room that features ethernet switches, cloud drives, and plenty of other hardware, but running this cabling is a long and extensive process. Networking cables need to be hidden out of sight where they won’t be seen and where they can’t be accidentally interfered with, so it’s critical to have your facility tested and checked by a professional before you open your doors. That way all of your important devices, computers, and machinery that require a data connection will have it when you hit the ground running.

Eliminate Extension Cords & Temporary Power Setups

Extension cords are fine for temporary use, but that is all they ever should be—temporary. Running a cable across the ground creates a trip hazard, and extension cords are not designed for long-term use. If you have been using an extension cord to provide power to a critical daily function, then it’s important to have a permanent and safe power source set up where you need it before you open your doors. Not only does this dramatically lower the possibility of an unexpected electrical problem related to your extension cord, but it also improves safety for both customers and employees by eliminating a potential trip hazard that might be running through your business. Continue to monitor where power is needed over time, and have a pro install power outlets where necessary as your business evolves.

Wire & Test Video & Telecom Cables

Do you depend on video conferencing technology in your meeting rooms? Do you or any of your employees use phones? Telecom infrastructure is about as important to a modern business as air is to pretty much any creature that walks the earth. If you don’t have a way to communicate with customers and vendors, how can you expect to get anything done? Before you open your new facility, make sure it is entirely functional and turned on with proper testing, repairs, and new installation services.

In modern business, this might include wiring up televisions or wall-mounted displays for presentations, installing microphones or webcams, and so much more. Doing so neatly might require cables to be run through the walls or in the floor beneath your feet, so we advise calling a professional and getting the job done right.

Check Lighting in Important Areas

A dim or under-lit facility is a disaster waiting to happen. When lighting isn’t good, your facility will look dull, dreary, and uninviting. Things will be hard to find, difficult to use, and business will be much slower. You might find you’re losing things more often than you should, and all the while you’re wishing you could just see a little bit better. Brighter lighting doesn’t have to mean higher energy costs, so check your most important areas to make sure they are well lit and safe. If a particular area isn’t lit well enough, call an electrician and learn more about upgrading to high-power LED light fixtures or other energy-efficient lighting options that will give you the light you need.

Test Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is the brain that powers your business. A faulty or intermittent panel will present a lot of headaches for your business. Important machinery might shut down, you might lose critical data, and any products that might be in process could be ruined or lost completely. If your panel is old and out of date or simply has a considerable amount of wear, call an electrician to have a new panel customized for your business.

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