5 Things to Do with Kids When There’s a Power Outage


Power outages may happen unexpectedly and for various reasons, such as natural disasters, equipment malfunctions, and more. Once you have ensured that you’ve gathered your essential power outage supplies, the question becomes what can you do to pass the time? There are plenty of activities that can keep you and your kids entertained during a power outage. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Read

When the power goes out and there's no TV, internet, or lights, it can be a tough time for both adults and children. Younger children, especially, may feel nervous and uncertain in the dark. However, reading or making up stories can be a fun and engaging way to pass the time, while also distracting them from their worries. You can use candles, flashlights, or headlamps to lighten up the space as well.

Whether it's a beloved storybook or a new one they haven't heard before, reading together is a great bonding experience that can create memories for years to come. Plus, it might just spark a lifelong love of reading in your child, which is a skill that can benefit them for their whole life.

2. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt in the dark can be another fun and distracting activity for kids. By sending your children on a hunt throughout your home with flashlights, you can create a unique and exciting experience. Incorporating prizes at the end of the scavenger hunt can also add an extra level of fun and motivation.

When organizing this hunt, make sure to set clear boundaries and encourage safe behavior—like no running—to minimize the chance of trips and falls in the dark. For particularly little ones, sometimes a scavenger hunt can be as simple as a game of “eye spy”, so no movement is necessary.

3. Make Arts & Crafts

Unleash your creativity and spend some quality time with your kids by engaging in fun and artistic activities. Whether you have colored pencils, paint, scissors, or any other art supplies, there are endless possibilities for creating imaginative projects.

A few crafting ideas include:

  • Drawing family portraits
  • Making paper crowns
  • Cutting out fun shapes such as hearts, snowflakes, butterflies, etc.
  • Make an illustrated story book

Getting crafty with your kids can not only help to pass time faster, but also encourages them to think outside the box and tap into their creativity.

4. Play Charades

Playing charades is a simple and fun activity that can help pass the time. Involving children in guessing and acting out different activities can be a fun challenge for everyone. While it may seem old-fashioned, playing charades can often bring out fun moments that can lighten the mood and bring everyone together.

A few charades prompts include:

  • Swimming
  • Talking on the phone
  • Smelling a flower
  • Driving a car
  • Flipping pancakes
  • Tap dancing

Charades can be an endless game of fun for families during power outages. If you’re looking for more inspiration, find another 160 charades ideas to incorporate.

5. Make Snacks

When the power goes out, keeping your fridge and freezer closed is key to preserving the contents inside. However, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some fun snacks during this time. With proper planning, you can create tasty treats that don't require refrigeration. Non-perishable items such as nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars are great options. You can also whip up some no-bake desserts using ingredients like peanut butter, honey, and oats.

There are many possibilities to create in the kitchen with your kids. However, if the power outage appears to last for an extended period of time. Visit this post for more ideas on how to feed your family when the power goes out.

Consider Purchasing a Backup Generator

While spending time with your kids in power outages doing fun activities can be a great way to pass time, power outages can be particularly frustrating in colder or warmer months. That’s why investing in a backup generator can offer a reliable solution.

With a range of options available, you can choose a generator that can power essential items like your HVAC system or simply keep the lights on. It's important to consider your needs carefully when choosing a generator, taking into account the size and power source that would be most suitable. Having backup power during emergencies can be invaluable, and understanding the benefits of a generator is key to making the right investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing a backup generator, reach out to the Lightning Bug Electric team! Call us at (404) 471-3847 or contact us online.