7 Electric Blanket Safety Tips


Electric blankets are becoming more popular as an ideal way to keep warm on cold nights and chilly days. These versatile blankets offer a level of comfort that is both pleasant and relaxing. They provide adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to find the perfect cozy warmth they desire. However, as convenient as these blankets are, it’s important to follow best practices to keep you safe while using heated blankets.

1. Follow Electric Blanket Usage Instructions

Following proper safety guidelines when using heated blankets is essential. Always read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using a heated blanket. It is important to be mindful of the temperature settings of the blanket and to never exceed prescribed levels or use it for extended periods of time. Be sure to also check the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure your electric blanket has not been recalled.

2. Replace Old Electric Blankets

Know when it is time to replace a heated blanket. Electric blankets should be replaced every 10 years. If you notice scorch marks, water damage, mold, or exposed wires, do not use your blanket and replace it with a new one. Even if your blanket appears new, the internal elements may be deteriorating due to age and use. It’s best to replace old, heated blankets after 10 years of use. It might be convenient to upgrade to an auto-shutoff electric blanket. However, if your new blanket does not have a timer, be sure to turn it off when you sleep or when it is not in use, since electric blankets can be very unsafe when left on unmonitored.

3. Use Electric Blankets Properly

It’s important to make sure you lay your blanket flat to avoid excessive heat build-up. Be sure to not put anything on top of the blanket such as pillows and books. Additionally, avoid laying on top of it yourself, as this can trap heat and damage the coils inside the blanket.

4. Monitor Pets Around Electric Blankets

Do not allow pets near your electric blanket. Especially if these pets have claws, since cats and dogs can tear the blanket and expose the electric wiring. Pets may be curious and bite at the blanket and in worst-case scenarios shock themselves or start a fire. If you cannot deter your pets, purchasing a low-voltage blanket can help keep your pets safe from electrical hazards.

5. Store Heated Blankets Safely

Be sure to roll your blanket loosely or fold it very lightly. This will help to avoid wiring damage inside the blanket. Storing your blanket inside a closet or in another space where it won’t collect dust and lint can help reduce fire hazards. Be mindful of cords while storing your heated blanket as well. Avoid folding up the cords too tightly as this may cause damage and lead to blanket malfunction or cause hazardous hot spots.

6. Follow Manufacturer Instructions While Washing Electric Blankets

It’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions while washing your electric blanket. This can help avoid ruining the interior of your blanket while it’s in the wash or dryer. By protecting the interior of your heated blanket, you can avoid future malfunctions. Be mindful of recommended washing and heat settings noted by the manufacturer and always unplug your heated blanket before washing.

7. Be Aware of Electric Blanket Medical Risks

Before you continue using your electric blanket or consider purchasing one, be sure to review these medical concerns about heated blankets:

  • If you are pregnant or expecting to be, avoid using heated blankets. Fetuses can be sensitive to environmental conditions and using electric blankets may result in complications such as miscarriage.

People with diabetes may have neuropathy (nerve damage) and may not feel when the blanket is overheating. People with poor blood circulation may also be insensitive to heat. If you have either of these conditions, consult with your doctor before using electric blankets.

Additionally, the correlation between electromagnet fields and cancer has been debated for years. However, The National Cancer Institute states that electric blankets have an extremely low frequency of electric and magnetic fields.

Using electric blankets correctly and responsibly can help ensure optimal performance and peace of mind. If you have any questions or are in need of outlet work, surge protection or service panel upgrades, reach out to Lightning Bug Electric for our services.

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