How to Keep Your Home Running During a Power Outage

Unexpected power outages can happen at any time for various reasons. During one of these outages, ensuring your home is still running properly throughout the entire process is important. But how? A good place to start is understanding exactly how a power outage could affect your home and using this knowledge to guarantee you stay safe and comfortable during an unexpected loss of electricity.

Here are some helpful tips on surviving a blackout in Marietta and keeping your family (and house) functioning as efficiently as possible!

Be Prepared: Have a Plan for When the Power Goes Out

Nothing is more frustrating than a surprise power outage that lasts more than a couple of hours. During this time, staying safe and knowing what to do when the lights go out is important. Many essential home electronics and appliances rely on electricity, meaning they won't function during an outage. This can include your refrigerator and freezer items, which will begin to heat up without a way to keep things cool. Additionally, your security systems won’t run unless you have a backup generator available to supply power.

Major systems and appliances that likely won't work during a power outage:

  • Your HVAC system
  • Water heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Computers
  • Power chargers

Depending on your home's setup and your local grid, you may also find yourself without internet or cell phone service as well.

Things to Keep on Hand

To ensure your safety during an unexpected power outage, always be sure you have some emergency supplies handy to provide you with light, such as flashlights and batteries, candles and matches or lighters, or battery-powered lanterns. It is also a good idea to have a first-aid kit somewhere easily accessible in case of an unexpected event like this.

Things to have in your emergency supplies include:

  • Flashlights, lanterns, and/or candles
  • Extra batteries or power banks
  • Matches
  • A battery-powered radio
  • Blankets and/or sleeping bags
  • Jackets and/or raincoats
  • Bottled water

With a few careful preparations, you'll be better equipped for whatever surprises come your way!

Don't Forget About Non-Perishable Food

Having a stockpile of non-perishable food and water is essential in an emergency, as during a power outage, your refrigerator will not work, and any perishable items will spoil. When stocking your emergency kit, look for shelf-stable items such as canned beans, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, jerky, nuts, nut butters, and canned vegetables. Be sure to include bottled water as well!

It is important to remember to check your emergency stores for any expired items regularly so that you can replace them when necessary. By having your non-perishable food stocked up ahead of time, you can be prepared should an unexpected emergency or power outage occur.

Some people also find having a camp stove and fuel for the camp stove handy during a power outage. You can also purchase freeze-dried meals at your local sporting goods store, all of which have a long shelf life, can be easily and quickly prepared using just water, and can be heated using your camping stove.

Consider Investing in a Backup Generator

When it comes to making sure you're prepared for power outages, investing in a backup generator is an invaluable solution. Whether you need a generator that can keep essential items like your HVAC system running or just something to keep the lights on, there's an option to meet your needs. Fuel-powered generators are more traditional and generally more powerful, while solar-powered generators provide a renewable energy alternative for those wanting to do their part for the environment.

Depending on what you hope to use your backup generator for, choosing the right size and power source is key - but with careful assessment of the options available, you can make sure you have backup power during blackouts, outages, or emergencies. Understanding the benefits provided by these investments is essential to knowing their true value.

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