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For many people, the homes they live in were not built to manage today’s technological advances. With smart refrigerators, smart thermostats, and many other electricity consuming devices, connecting to your home’s electrical system, it is highly likely you might need to upgrade your electrical panel.

Electrical panels bring the electricity from your utility company to your home, powering your computer, TV, appliances, lights and other electric devices. Your electrical panel is usually a grey metal box mounted on the wall inside or outside of your home. If it is inside your home, it is likely in your basement, laundry room, utility room, garage or other tucked away area. At Lighnitng Bug Electric, our electricians in Atlanta have the skills and tools necessary to upgrade your electrical panel.

What is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

The average electrical panels lasts anywhere from 25-40 years depending on how well it is maintained over time. However, once the electrical panel reaches the end of it’s lifespan, it’s time to replace or upgrade. Panel upgrades protect your home and ensure you have enough electricity.

Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Electrical Panel

If you have experienced any of the following electrical problems in your home, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel.

  • Flickering lights
  • Breaker tripping or fuses blowing
  • Corrosion or rust around your breakers or panel
  • Crackling sounds emitting from your panel box
  • Melted electric wires
  • If you have to turn off one appliance to start another

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

While a bit costly and time-consuming, this electrical upgrade has many advantages. If you are living in an older home, it may have only been designed to require 100 amps at a time, but with the adoption of modern technology, most homes need 200 amps or more to power their electric devices. If you are living in an older home, upgrading your electrical panel could mean you no longer have to worry about blowing out a fuse. Upgrading your home’s electrical panel also protects you from fire hazards caused by encumbered circuits.

Contact an Atlanta Electrician Today!

If you are interested in upgrading your electrical panel, it is imperative that you choose an Atlanta electrician with the experience needed for such a complex job. At Lightning Bug Electric, we have more than 25 years of experience, and our team is led by a master electrician. If you need new electrical panels installed in your home, we would be happy to take a look!

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