Expert Atlanta Pool Lighting Installation

Electrical Services for Pool, Spa, and Jacuzzi Lighting

Having a swimming pool is a major investment, one which should be fully taken advantage of. If you need an electrician to install or repair the lighting fixtures in your pool or hot tub, look no further than Lightning Bug Electric. Our team of Atlanta electricians has years of experience converting people’s outdoor space into the backyard of their dreams, one pool lighting installation at a time. Whether you need assistance with lighting or lighting controls, our company is ready to help.

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Pool Electrical Services in Atlanta

When you are installing a pool in your backyard, it is essential to think about the functions you want your pool to have. Adding certain electrical modifications can take your pool from the standard system to complete wow-factor. Many people might not think about the electrical work that goes into pool installations, but our clients will tell you that having a quality electrical contractor on your side can make or break your project.

Electrical services for your pool include:

  • Control panels for remote control functions of your pool
  • Lighting and color lighting
  • Controllable waterfalls and landscape functions
  • Heat pumps and heat speeds
  • Repairs and maintenance

If the electrical work or control panels of your pool are malfunctioning, it is essential to contact an electrician in Atlanta as soon as you are able. It could be a safety concern if electrical work is not catered to in your pool.

Spa or Jacuzzi Electrical Services

A hot tub is a wonderful addition to any home, but being able to control the functions is key to being able to enjoy it. Our Atlanta pool electricians can help ensure that the controls to your spa’s heating, jets, and lights are all functioning. You should be able to enjoy your spa the way you want to and waiting for malfunctions of electrical failures shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda.

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