Electrical Safety Tips for the Holidays


As the holidays draw near, many people will begin bringing out their Christmas lights and icicles hidden in storage units to hang them up in celebration of the holidays. Perhaps you are this year’s host of the annual Thanksgiving banquet or having a Christmas sleepover with the entire family. Remember, no matter what celebrations you will be hosting this year, safety is always the number priority. You do not want an electrical shortage, fire, or worse—a serious injury.

Here are some of our top tips:

Examine your lights.

Christmas lights are notorious for snagging, getting tangled, and getting twisted in a variety of ways. Especially when they have been sitting in your basement or attic since last Christmas. When the wires tighten in this way, it can create friction that impacts the wiring. Thus, when you plug in your lights, this can lead to a shortage. It is generally a good idea to inspect your wires as well for any exposed wires or damaged pieces that can shock you if plugged in.

Do not overload the electrical outlets.

There will be many appliances running at this time of year, not just your Christmas lights. From the dish warmers to the hair dryers, and the television and stereo blaring in the background. Our needs depend so much on technology these days. Plug your devices in a good-quality surge protector, but do not use every single socket available. Overloading is what leads to blown fuses and eventually, fires.

Keep your Christmas trees watered.

Dry Christmas trees are the number one cause of fires during the holidays. Lights strung on dry branches is the leading cause of these fires. A house fire that started with a dry Christmas tree can be immense—and has been known to cause serious injuries and sadly, even death.

Make sure to turn off lights and decorations.

While this may be the most obvious tip of all, it is still a good reminder to have. Before you leave your home or go to bed, blow out the candles and turn off all of the appliances and electrical devices. Candles left burning are continuously one of the major causes of home fires at this time of year.

For more electrical tips and holiday safety advice, feel free to call Lightning Bug Electric! We help families throughout Metro Atlanta stay safe and enjoy their home as we prepare to head into the holiday season.

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