Pool Lighting Benefits


A swimming pool can be a fabulous addition to almost any backyard in Atlanta, but it’s not only a daytime treasure. Just like a yard with beautiful landscape lighting, the right lighting can take a backyard pool to a whole other level, one that makes the pool just as splendid at night as it is during the day.

Landscape lighting and pool lighting share something in common: They take something that is typically enjoyed during the day and make it equally enjoyable in the dark. With the right pool lighting, the possibilities are endless. You can have nighttime pool parties, you can swim under the stars whenever you like, and you can enjoy a romantic dinner by your beautifully-lit backyard pool.

Customized Lighting Options

Sure, you can limit your pool experiences to the day, but why not extend them into the evening hours? Why not swim your laps in the dark when you get home after work during the fall and winter months? Why not enjoy a moonlight swim with your lifelong partner?

Let’s look at the benefits of customized pool lighting:

  1. Lighting can add mood-enhancing colors.
  2. It can make it so you can use the pool 24 hours a day.
  3. Lighting effects can add mystery to the pool at night.
  4. Lighting can add extra dazzle to your evening parties.
  5. Lighting automatically increases safety by enhancing nighttime visibility.
  6. It can add light to the whole backyard.
  7. It can define and highlight walls, decks and landscaping.

Pool lighting technology has truly taken an aesthetic turn over the years. Now, instead of the basic pool lighting, you can customize your options by adding bright lights, playful colors, or subtle, mood-enhancing effects. Boring is out and stunning is in. Now it’s your turn to create your own backyard paradise with state-of-the-art pool lighting that creates the ambiance you see in your mind!

Pool Electrical Lighting Services

At Lighting Bug Electric, we handle pool lighting services, as well as other pool electrical services throughout the Greater Atlanta Area. To learn more about our pool electrical services, contact us today.


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