Why You Shouldn't Do Electrical Work on Your Own


For many, there is nothing more rewarding than completing a project on their home. Whether you possess the handyman skills or are equipped with a variety of tools, the joy of doing something on your own supersedes hiring professional help. Additionally, who doesn’t like saving money?

Some may believe that electrical work takes the same amount of knowledge and skill as other home improvement work. However, there are certain things you should never attempt to do on your own, including electrical work. You need plenty of licensed training to develop the skills necessary to handle such risky, potentially dangerous situations.

The hazardous risks related to electrical work are the following:

  • Electrocution – The most common threat which causes severe bodily harm, and possibly fatal consequences. If you grazed an exposed wire, or attach the wrong two wires together, there is a great chance you could be electrocuted.
  • Fire – There are hundreds of electrical fires every year as a result of incorrect connections and overloaded circuits. A code book by the National Fire Protection Agency is updated every three years, which licensed electricians rely on constantly for reference and new information.
  • Property Damage – There is a great probability of melting or frying an appliance or part of your house, like your walls. This would mean spending even more money on fixing the damage you’ve caused on your home.

For the inexperienced, a DIY project can easily turn into a disaster. Hiring a licensed electrician will save you the hassle and peril of electrical work. Even what is considered a simple task requires thousands of hours of learning and implementing safety precautions.

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