3 Benefits of a Portable Generator


In the 21st century, we are completely dependent on electrical power for our lives to properly function. So when the power goes out, it can cause an inconvenience in your home or disrupt your daily business operation. However, a portable electric generator can help you avoid the problems power outages cause.

Our Marietta electrical contractor has provided the following three advantages of owning a gas-powered backup generator:

  1. Maintain Power Despite Storm or Outage – Depending on the severity of the storm, it has the potential to cutoff the power for an undetermined amount of time. If you’re connected to an older section of the electrical grid, you may be more vulnerable to power outages. A portable generator can put your mind at ease under these circumstances, especially if outages frequently occur.
  2. Maintain Business – Millions of home-based businesses are located in the United States. A portable generator can keep your business running despite an outage. Confidential business or personal data could potentially be lost or erased, so a backup generator can ensure your information is safe.
  3. Protects Lives – If you’re taking care of children or the elderly, a lengthy power outage can present dangers. Especially if an elderly individual relies on electrical medical equipment to sustain their breathing, a portable generator can save their lives.

How Big of a Generator Do I Need?

Not all generators are created equally. That’s because not all homes are created equally. Your generator needs will vary depending on a number of factors.

To find the right generator for you, do the following:

  1. Calculate the surge wattage (starting wattage) of the fixtures and appliances you want to power.
  2. Find a generator that can accommodate your electrical needs.

At Lightning Bug Electric, we can help you determine the right generator for your electrical needs. We offer fast, reliable installations and repairs to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Contact our Marietta electricians for more information about portable generators today!

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