Reasons to Consider Pool Lighting


Are you considering adding pool lighting to your backyard? If so, you’re probably trying to learn more about the advantages of pool lighting and whether it will truly enhance the aesthetics of your pool and backyard.

For starters, you probably enjoy your pool during the daylight hours, but when evening falls, it’s hard to see in and around the pool. As your pool currently stands, it’s not that appealing, enticing, or exciting at night. And when you have guests over or parties, nobody is oohing and awing over your pool and landscape lighting. Instead, their kind of “humdrum” and nobody notices them. But can the installation of pool lighting change that?

Why You Should Install Pool Lighting

It is no secret that pool lighting can dramatically enhance your backyard’s appeal. It can change your nighttime pool experience, and make guests say, “Wow, that’s just beautiful.” And, you can customize your pool lighting however you like it. There’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to go about it. You can create the backyard ambiance of your dreams that is uniquely yours.

Today’s pool lighting uses energy-efficient LED lights that not only save you money but allow you to use your pool 24 hours a day. So, if you want to take a nighttime swim, or throw a pool party on New Year’s Eve or any other day, you can. And as you’re extending the use of your pool into the evening, you’re also improving safety for nighttime swimming and for guests who attend your parties after dark.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of pool and spa lighting:

  • Can add vibrant colors to your pool
  • Can add mood-enhancing colors
  • Creates a dramatic effect on the pool environment
  • Adds mystery to the backyard pool
  • Improves visibility at night
  • Improves safety in the dark
  • If you want, it can light up the whole yard
  • Pool lighting can define walls and decks
  • Lighting can enhance fountains and waterfalls
  • Creates a sparkling effect on water surfaces

Want to create a backyard paradise that creates a sense of awe in the observer? Pool lighting can do a lot for your yard; it can add drama, beauty, and mystery to your pool, not to mention the whole backyard.

If you’re interested in further exploring the benefits of pool lighting in Metro Atlanta, contact Lightning Bug Electric today by calling (404) 471-3847.

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