Aluminum Wiring Part 2: Does It Need to Be Replaced?

aluminum wiring

As you may already know, aluminum wiring puts your home at greater risk of experiencing electrical arcs, sparks, electrocution, and electrical fires. Whether you’ve just purchased a home with aluminum wiring or you’ve recently discovered that your home has aluminum wiring, you’re probably wondering what to do next.

Below are some of the best solutions to this problem. The solutions we discuss are all approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Any other solutions are likely considered unsafe, ineffective, or not permanent.


The safest and most complete solution for aluminum wiring is to have your home rewired with copper cabling. Due to its qualities (such as thermal expansion and contraction, malleability, and corrosion), aluminum wiring has been proven to be 55 times more at risk of starting electrical fires. Having a trained professional rewire your home with copper wiring eliminates this risk and significantly improves the safety of your home.

It is extremely important that you hire a qualified electrician to replace the wiring in your home. Hiring an unqualified individual can result in poor installation and serious risks to your home. Be sure to check your electrician’s reviews, references, years of experience, licenses, and certifications.


There are two methods of aluminum wiring repair that have been approved by the CPSC: the COPALUM method of repair and the AlumiConn Connector method of repair.

COPALUM Method of Repair

Aluminum wiring is known to expand when it heats up and contract when it cools. This thermal expansion and contraction often result in loose electrical connections. Loose connections are one of the main causes of electrical fires and shocks.

The COPALUM method of repair addresses this problem by attaching a short section of copper wire at the ends of each aluminum wire using a COPALUM connector. This method should be applied to every electrical connection involving aluminum wiring. When done correctly, it effectively establishes more reliable and safe connections and eliminates the risk of loose connections caused by aluminum wiring.

AlumiConn Connector Method of Repair

This method should only be considered if you are unable to replace your aluminum wiring or use the COPALUM method of repair. This method involves using AlumiConn connectors to replace loose electrical connections.

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